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I appreciate it!

[I appreciate it!]

Can I love you?

Thank you!

Thanks for the answering with easy and clear words to me

I, writing with junk words

Actually, I appreciate it

It was the words that I want to hear

Can I hug you?

Thank you!

Thanks for your hugging me friendly and warmly

even sweat smelling with steaming and scorching weather

I appreciate that you hugged me 'til you're sweated in our hugged chests and on your neck

Can I kiss you?

No, I will not ask this

It's already beyond my capacity this fact of hugging you

I am hugging you repeatedly to reconfirm you are real not my afterimage of my last night dream

Are you real?

you answered, hug you tighter

And you are hugging me even tighter

Maybe you want to know if this is real or just a dream

I doubt I could accept this happiness in front of me

Let us release?

You look poor with your clothes and neck are wet by sweat and my smell

We did hug so long time, I already miss you

Your eyes and your smile

Photo taken / Written by

Kim JaeJung


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