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[Can I love you?]

Not seems to be loud demands Not seems to be strained Not seems to be urgent But stubbornly, undisturbedly, I am watching your mind.

didn't want to hurt. didn't want to give regret. I did fear even confession of love. Do you remember my confession of fear about confession of love?

Do I still fear? I have no more fear of confession. Cause I did already.

I am just full of fear to give you hurt. I just want to ask. Answering 'Yes or No' seems like in court.

If you keep saying in the dark, in the fog This idiot feeble man keeps getting smaller.

You're saying to me 'Don't be hurt'. You're adding cure words in my wounded heart.

But I cannot recognize your real meaning. Can I love you?

Photo taken / Written by Kim JaeJung


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