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  • How do you charge your photoshoot?
    We charge our photoshoot according to the client’s needs/ demands and condition. These demands include the following: * Selected photographers * Transportations - (Any location outside of Lapu-Lapu will be subject to an additional charge. Transportation charge will only be based on the minimum fare thus no extra charges included). * EXCESS person * Excess Hour * PROPS services * Upgrade service * DISCOUNTS/OTHER PROMO * VIDEO works * Extra Service- ALbum Printing * Special requests- Complex editing) * Express Services- Fast Editing With this following conditions, you will be charged reasonably. NOTE: Please understand that prices we put in our services are not just a merely a price but a reasonable one. For years of experience in photography industry, we have been considerate in both client and photographer's demand and effort. We make sure that things are fair and are calculated fairly. For more details of the exact rate of other services: Please check this link:
  • How can I check which photographer suits my style?
    1st step Check our photographer's portfolio. Mayco Songodanan: Portfolio: William Wilfred Hortillano Portfolio: Jovie Calunod Portfolio: Anne Kim Portfolio: Kenray Wagway Portfolio: (Available only in Bohol) 2nd step Check the price on our table 3rd step Choose photographer based on what suits you at a reasonable price. 4th step and add optional services that suites your concerns, style and needs. following this link: Or, Contact us, We will make an estimation for you.
  • What make you different from other photographers?
    Driven by the same passion, we are a team of passionate, eccentric professional photographers which aims one vision: "To deliver only quality works to our Clients". But In order to do so, we have created our own sets of photoshoot guidelines for clients to better understand our ways. First, we don't just send any photographers on the field. Upon inquiring with us, we recommend our client to have a first look at our photographers portfolios to help them come up with a good choice of photographer that suits their style. Each photographer has different price/rates based on the following sets of criteria which are also evaluated by our Master Photographer ( KIM JAEJUNG) PHOTOGRAPHER's CRITERIA FOR EVALUATION - Experience and years in photography - Technical skill and Creativity - Age and maturity of understanding the life - Client's Review - Customer Service - Responsibility
  • How can I book?
    Our calendar fills up quickly so you should plan to book as early as possible. If you are planning on a shorter timeframe, let us know to check availability! When you want to book an appointment. Please, Fill out the basic required information. Full Name: Contact number: Number of Persons: Preferred Time: Preferred Date: Preferred Location(s): PREFERRED PHOTOGRAPHER: KIND OF PHOTOSHOOT SERVICE: REMARKS: Include additional information and/or requests here: you can write some specified information or request that you want to have during the shoot. Just let me know in advance so that we are able to prepare ahead of time. When you are ready to book, all we require is a deposit fee of 50% of the total expenses to secure our services for your reserved photo shoot schedule (written below is the bank information for payment method). The remainder of the balance can be paid before or after the session either banking transaction or in person. Banking transaction can be deposited directly to BDO /BPI Bank account (if you prefer a hassle-free payments) or you can also pay at any available G_CASH or at any pawnshop near you. Bank account Information: Account Name: Soul Cañete Kim ACCOUNT #: BDO 0061-2028-3063 Account Name: Ruth Ann Cañete Kim ACCOUNT #: BPI 0576755484 Contact Person and number: Ruth-Ann Canete Kim 09566024194 Gcash account: 0956-602-4194/
  • What kind of photo shot can you handle?
    We cater every kind of photo shoot. Just follow our instruction and just add what you need to complete it such as: - Adding light - Adding props - Upgrade equipment for higher definition and quality Prices are here: We will recommend you to make it better than what you expected.
  • Are you reliable? Why are you so cheap?
    We are dreaming to conquer this planet with our passion. And Our price is not permanent, price might increase due to our popularity demand along the way. But do not worry, it will always be reasonable ! This is our biggest problem as well. People do think that we are not reliable because of the cheap price we are implementing. Yet they are regretting after receiving photos from other photographers. Just watch our portfolios, And trust us! There’s nobody that can post portfolio like ours. If you want, we can offer you our Master photographer ‘Kim, JaeJung’ with P500,000. You don’t need to be suffered from choosing optional and low quality. We will give you BEST CONDITION and PASSION with all that we have. * Do you think we are expensive? We're so sorry for that. We're not amatures.
  • Do you have to post our picture for your portfolio?
    Yes! The portfolio is our breathes to become a better photographer. We are doing our best to show better portfolio always. But, if you want to make it only a personal memory, you can ask privacy option.
  • Why don't you have any package?
    We are so sorry to inform, but as a professional photographers that weighs the quality of work. we don't really offer packages. Don't waste your money for packages. Every extra service is Reasonable, Demandable and Economical than Packages created for better results. We are supplying reasonable and economical photo shoot services rather than having BIG INCOME and SHOWING OFF. And Clients can have a photographer of their own choice based on the given portfolios. With our way, you can make your own customized photo shoot.
  • Do you print an album?
    If you want, absolutely! But we recommend you to print it by yourselves at the printing shop. We are not willing to give you pressure for unnecessary option and commission. You don't need to waste money for basic package, for something that is not in good quality. You can customize it with printing company. We will be glad to give you information.
  • What kind of discount policy do you have?
    20% for 2 Photographers Combination 10% for each photo shoot continous 2 days photo shoot 10% for Early Reservation (3 months ago) 15% for First Reservation in that month 10% for Disappointment from other photographer (Need to submit some proof) 20% for Regular client - must show picture that was taken by us 10% for Taking Picture alone (Profiling or individual or debutant )
  • How can I download data?
    We are giving you specific folder personally on google drive. You can approach on your data folder with (without) google account. Just download whole folder at once. You can browse it on your mobile phone, You can download single pictures, But cannot download whole folder at once on mobile. You must use your computer with CHROME browser, not IEXPLORER (some errors occurred). Just follow instruction of Google drive. You can share it via only Link we gave you or to your family or whoever you want to share. Just keep it with your family.
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