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Photographic Personality

Photographic Personality I may not know you personally, But you revealed yourself uniquely, The works of your hands, it shows clearly, Your art of photography speaks simply. Physically, you are attractive, Your poses are cute and seductive, Your body is well-built and impressive, The face, the eyes, they are expressive! The pictures may show you`re lonely, But I think, the truth is, you`re funny, You expressed your emotions truly, And indeed, without hypocrisy. Mentally, you`re imaginative, And in angles, you are creative, The VIEW of MIND is clearly revealed, In every person`s pose, frame and grid. Now, I`ll describe you spiritually, How you give yourself generously, In time, talent and even money, To those people you love so dearly. You considered the disabled persons, With whom your heart beats real compassion, You put love and grace into action, And this is your life`s true summation. First draft: May 20, 2010 By : Las Vegas girl 친구로부터 표현된 나에 관한 시 한 편..


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