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I've just told you that I love you

[I've just told you that I love you]

I just told you that I love you I just told you that I want to change my life 'cause of you And striving to be asleep Even sound of rustle with blanket, it sounds like your breathing

Even sound of my rough breathing, it sounds like your whispering Have you been in my dream last night?

In this vacant space, full of your images and thinking of you Even loud bird's crying and whipping of sore morning light

What did you do to me? I asked you Even I confessed that 'I love you', I drove to the question Why did you steal my mind?

You answered my idiot question "Life imprisonment or death sentence?"

If I have any choice, even I confessed to you last day, I would make you stay with me as life imprisonment

This is the punishment for burning heart of one man

Photo taken / Written by Kim JaeJung


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